Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We! Are! Cannabian! And We're Voting Too!

Millions of Canadians use Cannabis,
and guess what?
We're voting too!!!

Canada's marijuana activists unite against American-style drug laws - 420 vote mobs to be held in over 10 cities across Canada
on April 20th
"All you have to do is look at the disastrous experience in the U.S. with mandatory minimum sentences to know this is a dumb idea", says Marc-Boris St-Maurice, Executive Director of NORML Canada.

Attention All Freedom Loving Canadians!

As we are all aware, Canada is on the hustings. This election is necessary as Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are the only party in our country's history to be found guilty of being In Contempt of Parliament. Their refusal to be honest and disclose the hit to the wallets of Canadian Taxpayers regarding the cost of American-style superfluous prisons, Stupid-On-Crime bills and engineless jets triggered a motion of Non Confidence in the Harper Government, and rightly so! (Oh, and let's not forget about all the other ShitHarperDid.)

In the age of the Internets, people are using social media to coordinate and then share "Vote Mobs" to reach youth and those who may not realize just how important it is to exercise our democratic right to vote. What is a "Vote Mob" you may ask? According to VoteMob.ca: "Vote Mobs encourage friends, families, neighbours, and communities to get out and vote, together!" So, in the spirit of 420 and a concerted effort by the Cannabis Community to get rid of Lock 'em Up Steve, #420VoteMobs will be happening all across our great land. Visit and share the Facebook 420 VoteMob Event Page to get the word out to other Canadians.

Please also visit LeadNow, it's really impressive! They also have all VoteMob videos that have been posted online so far on one page.

In times of much needed fiscal restraint, taxpayers deserve to be treated fairly - the Tory plan to spend billions on jails when crime is declining is grossly irresponsible of Stephen Harper. As far as campaigning goes, the smart party in this political race will not shy away from the elephant in the room that is Harper's ideological hunting down of Canadian cannabis users who dare stand up for their own personal autonomy and freedom. Note to the Conservatives: Canadian adults don't appreciate such intrusion into our lives. Bring on May 2nd. and Election 41!!!

VoteMobs: Inspired by Rick Mercer!

Thank you, Canadian Youth - you are inspiring!

Meanwhile, Harper is also using social media....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Departing Harperland

"Whoever controls the media,
controls the mind
~ Jim Morrison


And then THIS.

Now, can anyone please tell me where Canada went? Does Stephen Harper ^NOT realize that Section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of the press, along with the right to freedom of expression? Or maybe the query should be, "Does he even care?".

You know, at first I wasn't quite sure about it when the other parties started to refer to the Tories as the "Conservative Regime", but now I'm certain that the label fits. This is not the Canada I was born and raised in, and it's certainly not the political, social and undemocratic environment I wish for my sons to grow up in.

For the love of every single Canadian* and our beautiful country, please realize that May 2nd. is a gift to all Canadian citizens of voting age. On this day each one of our voices are equal, in the basic yet effective form of a checkmark on a paper ballot.

We have the opportunity to oust the Guilty of Contempt Harper led Conservatives from Parliament. Then, we can begin to repair and mend the damage the Tories have thrust upon us, I know collectively we are strong and we can achieve this goal together!

In our National Anthem we sing "O Canada, we stand on guard for thee", so let's honour that pledge and defend this most awesome land from coast to coast to coast.

I'm tired of living in Harperland, I need my True North Strong and Free!

Don't let Parliamentary crime pay! Peter Russell, constitutional expert, talks about the Harper Government's contempt for parliamentary democracy and what is at stake in the Canadian Election 2011.

2007 From CBC's "The Hour." Stephen Harper and Media Control

Sing it!!!
By therealg8g20: "This is a song that was performed by Richard Underhill in Kensington Market in 2008. I found the raw video on Youtube and asked the author if I could make a new remix with the footage. Perhaps this can become the theme song for those of us who are concerned about the direction this government is taking our country in. I'm hoping that it will inspire those who are not happy with the leadership of the Harper government, but haven't gotten involved yet, to get active, get organized and get involved! Maybe we can make this video go viral!" Vimeo Version: http://vimeo.com/13803436

for the love of every single Canadian* - Seriously. Read it. Please.

UPDATE 4/14/2011: Check out more at http://shitharperdid.ca/
and http://sowhatdidimiss.blogspot.com/