Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tomorrow is April Twentieth. For those who are versed in the world of cannabis, the 4th month and the 20th day has a very special meaning. There have been different legends about how the number became significant to the counterculture, but regardless of its origin, cannabis lovers all over the world celebrate one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts on this day.

While there will be fun times and music throughout the 420 festivities, I ask you to please take some time to remember those who have fought on behalf of all of us over the last 70+ years of cannabis prohibition.

There are millions of people and stories that each and every one of us know, about the linguistic warriors and everyday normal men and women who have become enslaved in the prison system. And we grieve for those who have had their lives stolen, snuffed out in death from this war, this inhumane madness, and we remember them and promise we will not let their presence here on Earth with us be forgotten. Their energy will continue to exist through all of us.

We know of those who remain imprisoned at right this very second - because governments have succeeded in criminalizing this wonder herb that is really a miracle of our planet, and we protest those who continue their oppression of people who just want to make decisions for themselves. How is it that governments have control over our own bodies? How is it that they can lock anyone away for using a plant? A plant! We remember you, we think of you, and we will stand for you.

Yes, we will continue the fight. We will not rest until all of our voices together have become a deafening roar that will no longer be ignored by Nanny States. Our true freedom depends on it and we will not desist. We are never going away, we will never stop. We think of all of you who have endured persecution, and this year, on 420, we will be resilient on your behalf.

For no matter where we are from, no matter the colour of our skin, Atheism or religious beliefs when you remove those things we are all Human underneath. Good, in the end, will triumph over injustice.

Puff, Puff, Peace everyone… Pass It to the Left.

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  1. There are events celebrating "420" on April 20th. all over the world, Google to find out which one is closest to you.


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