Friday, July 17, 2009

Ethan Nadelmann Delivers the Truth: Human Rights, Racial Justice and the War on Drugs

Ethan Nadelmann Speaks at the NAACP Conference: Human Rights, Racial Justice and the Drug War

Ethan Nadelmanns' speech for the NAACP Conference is honestly one of the best speeches regarding The War on People and prohibition I have ever heard. I'm sharing this video with everyone I know.

I was fortunate to hear Marc Emery speak last night, and we would be wise to listen to people like Ethan and Marc. We all have to speak up and make our voices heard - in Washington, in Ottawa, everywhere. Americans and Canadians should be rising up together to get our drug laws changed, it will benefit all of North America.

Mr. Nadelmann is right, we have never been a drug free society and we never will be. Humans aren't perfect so it's quite astonishing that our politicians demand just that of us - perfection. Yes, while drugs are sometimes abused, the Drug War has been a complete tragedy and causes more harm to peoples lives than the actual substances themselves.

By luck President Obama never got busted. How different our world would be if he had been caught using cannabis or cocaine. How he can sit in the Oval Office while people sit in jail cells for doing the exact same thing he chose to do is beyond me. I honestly believed he would be a leader of drug reform once elected. Sadly, he seems to be content to ignore this Human Rights atrocity taking place in his very own country, perpetrated against the people of the very nation he leads.

In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is an ideological aggressor, trying to change Canadian drug laws to reflect those that have led to the mass incarceration of over 20 million Americans. We know the damage the drug war has done to the States, why our Canadian politicians would push down the same failed path is nothing short of insanity.

Stand up everyone, if we're going to change things, we all have to do our part. Share videos like these and it doesn't cost you but the price of a stamp to write a letter and mail it to your congress rep or member of parliament. It's a start. Assure them that they will not lose your vote if they work for the people to strike down prohibition.

We the people vote politicians in to office, and it is their duty to represent what the people want - and we all know, it is undeniable, that our current system, this war, just isn't working - and we want change.

Yes We Cannabis.

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