Friday, July 31, 2009

Cops & Clergy Condemn the War on Drugs

I am so proud to see community leaders come out and speak of the tragic War on People. Again, I request that you visit LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition to find out more.

A wonderful article by LEAP Member Howard Wooldridge has been posted on Campaign for Liberty. Here is a small excerpt:

"Modern Prohibition is a policy whereby the government threatens its citizens with punishment, if they dare step outside the box of drugs like alcohol, tobacco, Prozac, Valium and Tylenol. That punishment threat is backed up by government police, prosecutors and prisons. Add to that government informants, property confiscation without benefit of trial or finding of guilt, cops threatening politicians with a ‘soft on drugs’ label, unless the elected official supports the police cash cow & job security also known as drug policy."

Update 8/12/11: Here in Canada, the Church Council on Justice and Corrections, a 39-year-old coalition for justice reform that represents 11 of the largest Christian denominations, also oppose Stephen Harper's ideological plan for Mandatory Minimum Sentences.

They join the seven-in-ten Canadians (70%) who support the concept of using alternative penalties—such as fines, probation or community service—rather than prison for non-violent offenders. Four-in-five respondents (80%) would endorse alternative penalties for people who commit offenses related to personal cannabis use. However, support is much lower for enacting a similar guidelines for other crimes, such as credit card fraud (33%), drunk driving (25%), and arson (15%). (Angus Reid Poll 06/28/10 - Canadians Open to Alternative Penalties for Non-Violent Offenses More than half of respondents believe their justice system does not treat every person fairly.)

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