Friday, June 26, 2009

Propaganda! From! SPAAAACE!!!

The International Space Station crew has addressed the people of Earth on International Anti-Drug Day.

From Russia Today:

"International Day against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking being marked around the globe, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says one drug taker dies every hour in the world.

UNODC reports say approximately two hundred million people around the world are taking illicit drugs, with the number growing every year. This year the International Space Station crew have joined the anti-drug campaign and delivered a special message to the world."

"People of the Earth!

June 26 is International Anti-drug Effort and Illegal Drug Traffic Crusade Day.

Our planet looks so fragile from space, but a person who is killing himself by drugs is even more fragile. When a person takes narcotics and other drugs, inwardly, he thinks he can control the habit. However, sooner or later addiction takes over and destroys free will. This is seen over and over again, with the tragic loss of tens of thousands of lives. Narcotic drunkenness does not bring real freedom, or inspiration, nor does it expand the mind’s horizon. Drugs kill people and their loved ones. We, the cosmonauts and astronauts onboard the ISS, appeal to you: No drug addiction on Earth!"

Well actually Astronauts, it's the Prohibition of drugs and the Drug War that has harmed more people than drugs actually do. And we all know Cannabis is not physically addictive and has never killed anyone - ever. Prohibition on the other hand is directly responsible for too much death.

And I gotta call you out on your statements, because using Cannabis has brought me great inspiration AND expanded my "Mind's Horizon" - expanded it enough for me to realize the Drug War is a War on People and Drug Prohibition is an Epic FAIL.

If the late, great John Lennon was alive today I'm sure he'd say the same. Maybe you should come down from the Space Station and spend a little time in a Yellow Submarine.

And since when did you Cosmonauts get so savvy about International Drug Policy? We had no idea! It just goes to show us all that Propaganda isn't confined or limited to Earth - now it's being spewed from Space too!

The People of Earth aren't fooled... nice try though!

"Yellow Submarine" ~ The Beatles, 1966.

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