Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bill C-15 Passes in the House of Commons

From whyprohibition.ca:

I write to you today with bad news. Bill C-15, mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences including marijuana passed the House of Commons 195/54. The bill was pushed through by the Conservative Party with the support of the Liberals. The Conservatives blatantly ignored all evidence and expert testimony and instead relied on talking points and ideology; Karl Rove and George W Bush would be proud, Canadians would be disgusted. The Conservatives were pressed by every party to provide a single piece of evidence in support of C-15, the Conservatives could not provide a singly study. Read more... C-15 has passed the House of Commons | whyprohibition.ca


  1. Now is the time to prove the pot laws are dead and have been dead since Aug. 01, 2001. The amendments in C-15 only amend the CDSA. That does not affect the original repeal of the cannabis laws in Parker and Krieger. Do your reasearch!!!

  2. Believe me Keith, I am doing all I can to educate myself in all matters dealing with our Prohibition laws in Canada, but I appreciate you letting me know about Parker & Krieger so I can further investigate this angle. ~MJ


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