Saturday, May 8, 2010

Side Effects May Include...Coma or Death?!

Side effects for Big Pharma drugs highlight the hypocrisy of Cannabis prohibition - if drugs with side effects like the ones in these videos can be sold legally then every health/harm arguement for keeping natural non-toxic Cannabis illegal is moot in my books.

"No one knows exactly how Depakote works" - Wait, what?

Side effect of blue or yellow skin...

And this drug is for.... thicker eyelashes?

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  1. High MaryJane! I'm "Granny Storm Crow", a California MMJ activist. I collect MMJ studies and articles from PubMed and other reputable sources. I would like to share my MMJ Reference list with you. That email will get you (and anyone else) a free copy of my list, or to take a peek at the latest version, go here- .

    GreenPassion is one of the better MMJ forums that I have found (even if they all but Shanghaied me into being an admin there!). Lots of info, lots of good people, and very little "drama".

    I'm always advising people to listen to the "fast talk" at the end of drug commercials. Asthma drugs that may increase your chances of death by asthma! Sleep aids that let you "sleep drive"! Antidepressants that may increase your chances of suicide!

    I'll take "feeling good", hunger and thirst, red eyes and maybe the giggles from cannabis, any old day!

    I "followed" you here from the "Are you cannabis deficient?" article! From Fox, that was a real mind-blower! Hope you like my list! Catch you later- Granny

  2. Thanks Granny Storm Crow, it's an honour to have you comment here on my blog, your List is a Treasure Trove of research that I've relied on often.! rocks.;-)


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