Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bill S-10 ~ New Name For Bad Law

"Under the Conservatives "mandatory minimums" law, making pot brownies in your own home will get you a
~ Dana Larsen, ENDProhibition

The Conservative Government has reintroduced Bill C-15 - but wait! It has a shiny new number! Ladies and gentleman, courtesy of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, here comes Bill S-10!

Bill S-10: Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana


Even though... Study of Studies: Drug Prohibition Key Source of Violence and Crime

At first, the press warned us it was coming: Tories may revive minimum pot sentences as part of tough-on-crime agenda

"Justice Minister Rob Nicholson dropped broad hints Sunday that the new legislation would revive a controversial provision — a mandatory six-month sentence for people convicted of growing as few as five pot plants."

I repost from a commenter:

Re: Tories may revive minimum pot sentences as part of tough-on-crime agenda, May 2

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says that Bill S-10 is aimed at gangs and organized crime. Why then, does he support this bill that will give more power and profits to gangs and organized criminals, while targeting people who grow more than five cannabis plants? Small growers should be regulated, licensed and taxed — not jailed — so that people with chronic pain, HIV, AIDS, MS and cancer aren’t forced to buy cannabis from street gangs. At a time when the rest of the world is moving forward to legalize cannabis, our government is moving backward. Our politicians’ inability to distinguish between cannabis and dangerous drugs like cocaine will be a costly mistake — in dollars and human lives.

Janice Barton, Scarborough

....."Our politicians’ inability to distinguish between cannabis and dangerous drugs like cocaine will be a costly mistake — in dollars and human lives."

It already has Janice, it all ready has.

More regarding Bill S-10 (C-15)

Time to rethink Canada's Drug Strategy - Libby's letter to the Minister of Justice
March 25, 2009

Ontario says feds should pay for any extra jail costs due to sentencing law

Drug bill fills gang coffers

Google Search for all past month results for Bill S-10.

Number of women going to prison jumps 50%
- and if Bill S-10 passes, expect that number to rise higher!

Canada: Conservatives Push For Stiffer Pot Penalties For Renters

Again, I ask Canadians to become familiar with Bill S-10 and contact your MP and Canadian Senators with your concerns and objection to the Bill. The last thing the Tories want is informed voters, this "Tough On Crime!" Bill will have a direct negative impact on your lives, neighbourhoods, and your bank accounts. Become actively involved in fighting prohibition, the best thing you can do (outside of overgrowing the government) is to get involved politically by writing and voicing your opinion to those MP's who support the draconian law of prohibition. Please visit and for all the info on Bill S-10 along with convenient pre-written letters to email and send your Senators and MP's.

Please also revisit my main post regarding Bill C-15, as it also applies to Bill S-10: Calling the Tories Out on Bill C-15 - "The Politics of Fear" and Why Did Liberal MPs Support Bill C-15? - yes, they unfortunately passed it through the House of Commons before and they too need to be questioned about their support for the Bill. Read House passes billions of dollars in crime bills, doesn't know full costs about their reaction to S-10 so far.

I'd also like to add that this is what happens when the War on Drugs (People) gets nasty, American style. So be prepared Canadians, Bill S-10 will put us right smack dab where this poor Missouri family has been, all over a small amount of Cannabis.

Addendum - Duffy's the real Dope, I'll stick with Craig Jones, thank you very much. And by the way, our neighbours to the south who have literally 4 more decades of harsher drug laws and Mandatory Minimum Sentencing experience than us have figured out that the: "Drug War Continues to Fail Spectacularly - AP: IMPACT: After 40 years, $1 trillion, US War on Drugs has failed to meet any of its goals. I've said it before, Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It.


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  2. Keep up the great work!

    A good read...
    a *highlighted* version of Conservative Senator Pierre Claude Nolin's recent (May 13, 2010) speech to the Senate regarding Bill S-10!

    "We need to face facts: the problem is not the substance; it is the prohibition of that substance."


  3. Thanks FrankD, coming from you that means so much.

    And as always you are the go-to guy when it comes to the Senate.


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