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"Women On A Mission to End Prohibition!" NORML Women's Alliance of Canada at the 2012 Global Marijuana March

As I wrote about in my last post - "Women Will End Prohibition (Again!)" - The NORML Women's Alliance of Canada was selected to be the Grand Marshals of the 14th. Toronto Global Marijuana March. Held on the first Saturday of May every year, the peaceful protest is attended by upwards of 20, 000 anti-prohibitionists and people celebrating the Cannabis plant and all of Hemp's wonderful benefits and uses.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, after a week of heavy rain throughout Southern Ontario it was quite a relief that the bright and shining Sun had come out to greet us!   Preparing to begin our trek throughout the streets of downtown T.O. and before our group had a chance to completely assemble, our Alliance was split up at the launch point - the energy of the growing crowd pushed forward and the marchers were raring to get started! Fortunately it all worked out as those of us not right at the front remained to accompany our Prohibition-era Ford from Good Fellas Limo.  Complete with our very own "Al Capone" Chauffeur, the sweet ride was able to idle throughout the parade route and catch the eye of interested onlookers.

Michelle our Belle - the most photographed woman of the day! 
And our very own "Al Capone" - Thanks Harold!

The Torontoist reports:

The day’s most creative protest was staged by the National Organization for Reforming Marijuana Laws (NORML) Women’s Alliance. The NORML women dressed up in 1920s costumes and were followed by a car of a similar vintage, driven by a man dressed as Al Capone. According to NORML media spokesperson Andrea Matrosovs, the Women’s Alliance wanted to make plain the connection between the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s and ’30s—which was a boon to organized crime—and marijuana prohibition today.

“When women gathered together in the ’20s and ’30s, they made things happen,” she said. “And it was to the benefit of families, and the dis-benefit of organized criminals.”
Matrosovs was somewhat unique among Saturday’s demonstrators. She doesn’t smoke marijuana at all. Her interest in legalization comes purely as a result of her social-science background and the time she spent as a high school teacher.

“If we could legalize, regulate, and tax, then we could take those revenues that are currently going to organized crime and direct them to good things,” she said. “My background is as an educator…and it bothered me that our youth were being funneled into alcohol, because that’s legal in our society at age 19, where marijuana isn’t.”


MyETVmedia interview with Jodie Emery of Cannabis Culture and the NORML's Women's Alliance at the 14th. annual Toronto Global Marijuana March @ Queen's Park.

The Grid covers the Global Marijuana March:. 
"An estimated 15,000 people gathered at Queen’s Park on Saturday afternoon for the Toronto Global Marijuana March, and The Grid was there to find out why the event is so popular.
"Along the way, we encountered members of the NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada, who gathered in elegant 1920s costumes to protest the current prohibition of marijuana..."


Our very own 1920-30's Nurse - On Duty!

Got a giggle...
Pretty pot leaf/CN Tower flying foam

Yes we do!  That's our Twitter handle: @NORML_CWA
"Dads for Marijuana" was also there.
The awesome black and neon signs were made by Jack Skidd.
NORML MariJane GanjaGirl, her smile can light up a room.
Kelly, our fearless leader!
Puff Mama with the Killin' Time Band

Once again, my camera failed me but not before I took the above pictures* leading up to the start of the March.  I'd like to thank Wendel Grant and Alison Myrden for letting me share some of their great photos (below) from the awesome day, Thanks!  (To see these great pictures enlarged, "Click" on them.)

NORML Women getting approval from the growing crowds
and passing motorists.

The Grand Parade Marshals!

Leading the way!

Alison's Photos

Alison and the NORML Woman's Alliance marching alongside Jodie Emery.
Cannabis = Zero deaths.  Ever.

Kelly and Alison - NORML Women inspiring us all!

It was a privilege to gather with such an incredible group of people who honestly care about our fellow human beings and Mother Earth.   Kudos to you, my fellow NORML Women, I'm glad to have marched alongside every single one of you.  Just like the Sabine's contributed to end the Noble Experiment all those decades ago, NORML Women will campaign** to bring about an end to the unjust Drug War today.  We're "Women On a Mission to End Prohibition" -  take that, Steve! 

**What's up next for the NORML Women's Alliance of Canada?
The Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto May 25, 26, and 27th. - See you there!  Also, don't forget to LIKE our new Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

For more than 300 great photos from the event see the2012 Global Marijuana March Flickr page by Cannabis Culture Editor Jeremiah Vandermeer.

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