Tuesday, March 13, 2012

THIS! Is The War On Drugs:

"Dying cancer patient booted from hospital for medical marijuana"

The headline screamed at me and my head fell down in horror and sadness.

This is what happens when ideology controls our drug policy. No one deserves to be treated like this. Nobody!

A request to medicate outside, but still on the hospital campus should have been the solution for UCSF Medical Center - throwing a dying cancer patient out of their hospital is nothing short of pure, Human Evil!

I responded:

"The Drug War is not, I repeat, it is not a "War on Drugs" - it is a War Against People Who Use Drugs. Especially relating to Cannabis, what better way to appease prescription drug makers than to continue its Prohibition? For thousands of years Cannabis has been used by Humans for medicine, but (Alas! Sighs Big Pharma...) it is a Plant and our gifts from Mother Nature cannot be patented.

Further to Anslinger's targeting of minorities after repeal of the 14th Amendment (all those booze chasing Feds in the FBN needed to create another boogeyman to keep their jobs) Nixon tapped into the fact that those damn Hippies, musicians, artists, War Resisters, etc - liked to use Cannabis, what a perfect way to criminalize 'em all!

Nowadays, Law Enforcement ("Asset Forfeiture, anyone?)" and Private Prisons LOVE Prohibition. It keeps their arrest rates high and their prison cells filled, no wonder they lobbied so fiercely against Prop 19!!!

In North America where patients like Angel Raich are thrown out of hospitals for using natural medicine, we have absolutely no right to proclaim we are "Free". If we were truly free we would not be persecuted for using a plant, the mere notion that government criminalizes us for putting a substance in our very own personal body is insanity! I weep for us.....

Be well, sweet Angel, I am so, so sorry you must endure this violation of Human Rights...

When will this end? When will we stop criminalizing people for what they choose to use for medicine and recreation? I am beyond upset. This is unacceptable. This kind of treatment of our fellow human beings is atrocious and just makes me more determined to fight our drug laws.

SHAME ON UCSF Medical Center!!!

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