Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Please Stand By......

The landscape has changed, we need to regroup on Saturday and figure out a new game plan.

And hey, at least there's a One Seat Bright Side to this head-shaking turn of events.

From: http://blog.cgpgrey.com/the-problems-with-first-past-the-post-voting-explained/ Watch part two: http://blog.cgpgrey.com/the-alternative-vote-instant-runoff-explained/

In the meantime....We're Canadian, we'll keep fighting, this just makes us stronger and more determined!
We'll be alright....


  1. Please don't let conservative fox 'news' style stupidity come to Canada.

  2. ^ Above page for the "landscape has changed" link is no longer available, but please read it here:


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