Monday, April 5, 2010

Vote For Hemp, My American Friends

National Farmers Union Adopts New Policy on Industrial Hemp
Majority of Leading Farming Organizations Now Support Hemp Farming in the U.S.

"Grown commercially in Canada since 1998, hemp has become one of the most profitable crops for farmers north of the U.S. border. While American farmers often net less than $50 per acre for soy and corn, Canadian hemp farmers just across the border net an average of $250 per acre." Hat Tip to Hemp & Company for the link. You can also Fan them on Facebook.

A joint project of Vote Hemp and the Hemp Industries Association, Hemp History Week is looking for patriotic Americans to anchor and organize events in their hometown as part of a national grassroots, media and public education campaign.

More posts about Hemp on my blog here and I've also come across this wonderful site that you just can't pass up: Hemp: What The World Needs Now .

Update: Read about the awesome discovery: 100-Year-Old Government Hemp Farm Diaries To Be Revealed
... "So in addition to the already-known intertwining of the noble hemp plant and U.S. history, now it is revealed that the very location of the Pentagon itself was once covered with verdant fields of cannabis."


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  3. Thanks Matt, will do.

    @Michael Thank you, I'm glad you like my little spot on the web - sharing is caring I say. :-)


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