Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jumping Back In

A Happy New Year to all my Awkward readers out there! I know I've been M.I.A. these past couple of months so here's a little rundown of the crazy end to 2009:

1. My Mom had her cancer surgery in November, she was a trooper and walked out of the hospital a week to the day after having half her lung removed. At 76 years old, the Doctors and Nurses were amazed with her recovery. Tough old Irish gals are hard to keep down! I spent 3 weeks with her while she recovered, I was due to spend some time in the home I grew up in. I hadn't been back so much since my Dad died 3 years ago as it had just felt too hard to be there without him, but for my Mom I'd do anything. My wonderful Husband did an awesome job holding things down on the homefront while I was gone and it was heartwarming to hear my kids tell me they missed me while I was away at Gramma's.

While the surgery went amazing, upon post-op testing we have now found out the cancer may have spread. She is now seeing 2 more specialists and will be commencing radiation treatments this week. I pray she can conquer cancer, maybe you can say a little prayer for her too. Her primary cancer doctor has also given her the go ahead to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card - he believes in it - Hallelujah! She's never tried Cannabis in her life but is willing to give the edibles a go - she wants to be around for her grandkids she says. *sigh...* ...cancer really is an evil bitch.

2. I had been so worried to distraction that I hadn't realized that the reason I was so extremely exhausted and was craving orange juice so bad was not because my blood sugar was out of whack, (which happens because of my PCOS) but because I was knocked up! Yes, my darling Hubby and I are blessed to be having another baby this July. We're all very excited and my Sons can't wait to find out if they are getting a sister or a brother. My 5 year old said he wonders if it will be a boy, girl, or madam. My 7 yr. old is hoping the baby is born on his birthday as my due date is only 4 days prior. I'm starting to feel better, but I gotta say November, December and nausea really kicked my ass!

3. My computer crashed. I only hope I will never have to deal with Dell Tech again! I'm back online now after about a month and minus the dollars I had to spend on a new hard drive. Give me a bit - I've got alot to catch up on - but I will be jumping back in.

I've decided to not do a 2009 review as right now I'm just thankful to be getting back into the swing of things. Life - its got its ups and downs and all arounds - but I guess that's what makes it interesting!

All the best to everyone in 2010, may it be Happy, Healthy and Hempy!

Pass It to The Left,


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