Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friendly Pot Tip o' the Day

Tip #37 - "Don't try to read Klingon after hittin' a Bowl. Just... just don't do it."

In True Stoner Fashion, the Friendly Pot Tip o' the Day will not go sequentially, it's really just me pulling random numbers out of my head.

Have a Friendly Pot Tip o' the Day you'd like to share?
Send it to Subject: FPTD
& what name you would like it to be published under if we decide Stoners everywhere will appreciate it, or"Cannonymous". (Cannabis + Anonymous) Nah, that's too difficult -
just sign yourself "Budd" if you don't want any name used. If you want a link back to your Blog/Website, I'll post that too.Align Center

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